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Hong Kong (HKEx)

Number of extractive industry companies on this exchange: Total market cap of extractive industry companies on this exchange: Number of extractive industry companies covered by the SEC on this exchange: Market cap of extractive industry companies covered by SEC on this exchange:
107 €434,031,023,000 5 €23,139,330,000
Company Name Market Cap, € US Listed Ticker
Aluminum Corp Of China Ltd-H * 10,256,365,000Yes2600 HK Equity
Angang Steel Co Ltd-H * 4,372,371,000No347 HK Equity
Anhui Tianda Oil Pipe Co - H 142,569,000No839 HK Equity
Anton Oilfield Services Gp 223,011,000No3337 HK Equity
Apac Resources Ltd 263,034,000No1104 HK Equity
Binhai Investment Company Lt 245,292,000No8035 HK Equity
Brightoil Petroleum Holdings 1,059,512,000No933 HK Equity
Burwill Holdings Ltd 53,707,000No24 HK Equity
China Cbm Group Ltd 75,627,000No578 HK Equity
China Coal Energy Co-H * 15,281,333,000No1898 HK Equity
China Gas Holdings Ltd 1,616,841,000No384 HK Equity
China Gold International Res * 946,464,000No2099 HK Equity
China Hanking Holdings Ltd 464,218,000No3788 HK Equity
China Hongqiao Group Ltd 2,420,686,000No1378 HK Equity
China Kingstone Mining Holdi 210,183,000No1380 HK Equity
China Mining Resources Group 104,367,000No340 HK Equity
China Molybdenum Co Ltd-h 1,774,103,000No3993 HK Equity
China Nickel Resources Hldgs 149,047,000No2889 HK Equity
China Nonferrous Metals Co 44,526,000No8306 HK Equity
China Oil And Gas Group Ltd 315,607,000No603 HK Equity
China Oilfield Services-H * 7,826,524,000No2883 HK Equity
China Oriental Group Co Ltd 698,773,000No581 HK Equity
China Petroleum & Chemical-h * ---Yes386 HK Equity
China Polymetallic Mining Lt 363,831,000No2133 HK Equity
China Qinfa Group Ltd 314,581,000No866 HK Equity
China Shenhua Energy Co-H * 68,083,184,000No1088 HK Equity
China Vanadium Titano - Magn 348,116,000No893 HK Equity
China Yunnan Tin Minerals Gr 13,775,000No263 HK Equity
China Zhongwang Holdings Ltd 1,600,906,000No1333 HK Equity
Chinese People Holdings Co 135,051,000No681 HK Equity
Chongqing Iron & Steel Co-h * ---No1053 HK Equity
Chu Kong Petroleum & Natural 262,629,000No1938 HK Equity
Citic Dameng Holdings Ltd 320,983,000No1091 HK Equity
Cnooc Ltd * ---Yes883 HK Equity
Cvm Minerals Ltd 41,950,000No705 HK Equity
Da Ming International Hold 155,184,000No1090 HK Equity
Enviro Energy International 58,386,000No1102 HK Equity
Fosun International 2,881,531,000No656 HK Equity
Glencore International Plc * 35,533,459,000No805 HK Equity
Golik Holdings Ltd 30,099,000No1118 HK Equity
Grand T G Gold Holdings Ltd 97,860,000No8299 HK Equity
Hans Energy Company Ltd 48,286,000No554 HK Equity
Hidili Industry Intl Develop 580,363,000No1393 HK Equity
Hilong Holding Ltd 229,983,000No1623 HK Equity
Honghua Group 260,649,000No196 HK Equity
Hua Yi Copper Holdings Ltd 34,511,000No559 HK Equity
Huili Resources Group Ltd 179,894,000No1303 HK Equity
Hunan Nonferrous Metals-h 854,650,000No2626 HK Equity
Huscoke Resources Holdings L 64,452,000No704 HK Equity
Irc Ltd 394,142,000No1029 HK Equity
Jiangxi Copper Co Ltd-H * 9,100,629,000No358 HK Equity
Jutal Offshore Oil Services 29,898,000No3303 HK Equity
Ka Shui Intl Hldg Ltd 49,366,000No822 HK Equity
Kaisun Energy Group Ltd 76,554,000No8203 HK Equity
Kazakhmys Plc * 7,506,927,000No847 HK Equity
King Stone Energy Group Ltd 102,519,000No663 HK Equity
Kunlun Energy Co Ltd 8,664,127,000No135 HK Equity
Lee Kee Holdings Ltd 40,203,000No637 HK Equity
Lingbao Gold Co Ltd-h 245,551,000No3330 HK Equity
Loudong General Nice Resourc 119,662,000No988 HK Equity
Lung Kee (bermuda) Holdings 234,786,000No255 HK Equity
Maanshan Iron & Steel-h * ---No323 HK Equity
Mayer Holdings Ltd 11,530,000No1116 HK Equity
Midas Holdings Ltd 258,421,000No1021 HK Equity
Mie Holdings Corporation 610,030,000No1555 HK Equity
Minmetals Resources Ltd 1,844,336,000No1208 HK Equity
Mongolia Energy Corp Ltd 467,380,000No276 HK Equity
Mongolian Mining Corp 2,246,680,000No975 HK Equity
Newton Resources Ltd 359,789,000No1231 HK Equity
North Mining Shares Co Ltd 275,961,000No433 HK Equity
Novo Group Ltd 23,304,000No1048 HK Equity
Ocean Grand Holdings Ltd 45,277,000No1220 HK Equity
Oriental Explorer Hldgs Ltd 14,553,000No430 HK Equity
Petrochina Co Ltd-h * ---Yes857 HK Equity
Polyard Petroleum Internatio 62,625,000No8011 HK Equity
Sanmenxia Tianyuan Aluminu-h 23,700,000No8253 HK Equity
Shandong Molong Petroleum-H * 379,435,000No568 HK Equity
Shougang Concord Century Hld 68,018,000No103 HK Equity
Shougang Concord Intl Ent Co 438,857,000No697 HK Equity
Shougang Fushan Resources Gr 1,570,607,000No639 HK Equity
Sino Oil And Gas Holdings Lt 340,201,000No702 HK Equity
Sino Prosper State Gold Reso 68,212,000No766 HK Equity
Sino Union Energy Investment 314,224,000No346 HK Equity
Sinocop Resources Hldgs Ltd 109,132,000No476 HK Equity
Sinopec Kantons Holdings 471,539,000No934 HK Equity
South Sea Petroleum Holdings 13,496,000No76 HK Equity
Southgobi Resources Ltd * 818,114,000No1878 HK Equity
Spt Energy Group Inc 165,953,000No1251 HK Equity
Strong Petrochemical Holding 155,003,000No852 HK Equity
Tianjin Tianlian Public-h 94,197,000No1265 HK Equity
Titan Petrochemicals Group L 233,162,000No1192 HK Equity
Tsc Group Holdings Ltd 70,293,000No206 HK Equity
United Co Rusal Plc * ---No486 HK Equity
United Energy Group Ltd 1,911,134,000No467 HK Equity
Vale Sa-Class A Preferred Dr * 101,865,300,000No6230 HK Equity
Vale Sa-common Dr 101,865,300,000No6210 HK Equity
Van Shung Chong Hldgs Ltd 18,834,000No1001 HK Equity
Wai Chun Mining Industry Grp 81,220,000No660 HK Equity
Winsway Coking Coal Holdings 808,428,000No1733 HK Equity
Xingfa Aluminum Holdings Ltd 66,747,000No98 HK Equity
Xingye Copper Intl Group Ltd 72,815,000No505 HK Equity
Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Ind-h 502,542,000No3833 HK Equity
Yanzhou Coal Mining Co-H * 12,882,966,000Yes1171 HK Equity
Yue Da Mining Holdings Ltd 41,645,000No629 HK Equity
Zhaojin Mining Industry - H 3,906,238,000No1818 HK Equity
Zhengzhou China Resources-h 202,371,000No3928 HK Equity
Zijin Mining Group Co Ltd-H * 10,648,616,000No2899 HK Equity

* Items displaying with no value reflect companies for which current exchange is not the primary exchange where selected stock is listed.

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