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Number of extractive industry companies on this exchange: Total market cap of extractive industry companies on this exchange: Number of extractive industry companies covered by the SEC on this exchange: Market cap of extractive industry companies covered by SEC on this exchange:
556 €837,210,809,000 109 €597,781,792,000
Company Name Market Cap, € US Listed Ticker
Aberdeen International Inc 40,280,000NoAAB CN Equity
Acadian Mining Corp 6,075,000NoADA CN Equity
Adf Group Inc 33,467,000NoDRX CN Equity
Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd 456,459,000YesAAV CN Equity
Aeroquest International Ltd 3,463,000NoAQL CN Equity
Africo Resources Ltd 36,941,000NoARL CN Equity
Agnico-eagle Mines Ltd 4,860,237,000YesAEM CN Equity
Akita Drilling Ltd-cl A 137,824,000NoAKT/A CN Equity
Akita Drilling Ltd-cl B * ---NoAKT/B CN Equity
Alacer Gold Corp 2,381,641,000NoASR CN Equity
Alamos Gold Inc 1,567,413,000NoAGI CN Equity
Alderon Iron Ore Corp 203,051,000NoADV CN Equity
Alexco Resource Corp 308,693,000YesAXR CN Equity
Alexis Minerals Corp 20,654,000NoAMC CN Equity
Allana Potash Corp 125,435,000NoAAA CN Equity
Allied Gold Mining Plc * 366,053,000NoALD CN Equity
Allied Nevada Gold Corp 2,256,800,000YesANV CN Equity
Almaden Minerals Ltd 116,476,000YesAMM CN Equity
Altagas Ltd 2,088,313,000NoALA CN Equity
Altius Minerals Corporation 253,651,000NoALS CN Equity
American Bonanza Gold Corp 76,753,000NoBZA CN Equity
Amerigo Resources Ltd 93,246,000NoARG CN Equity
Anaconda Mining Inc 11,621,000NoANX CN Equity
Anderson Energy Ltd 73,375,000NoAXL CN Equity
Angle Energy Inc 340,099,000NoNGL CN Equity
Anglo Pacific Group Plc * 375,593,000NoAPY CN Equity
Antrim Energy Inc 179,363,000NoAEN CN Equity
Anvil Mining Ltd 925,597,000NoAVM CN Equity
Aquila Resources Inc 31,827,000NoAQA CN Equity
Arc Resources Ltd 5,171,080,000NoARX CN Equity
Argonaut Gold Inc 565,635,000NoAR CN Equity
Argosy Energy Inc 38,153,000NoGSY CN Equity
Armistice Resources Corp 31,121,000NoAZ CN Equity
Arsenal Energy Inc 81,664,000NoAEI CN Equity
Artek Exploration Ltd 85,968,000NoRTK CN Equity
Athabasca Oil Sands Corp 3,526,291,000NoATH CN Equity
Atna Resources Ltd 91,567,000NoATN CN Equity
Augusta Resource Corp 395,150,000YesAZC CN Equity
Aura Minerals Inc 259,182,000NoORA CN Equity
Aureus Mining Inc 110,169,000NoAUE CN Equity
Aurico Gold Inc 1,939,814,000YesAUQ CN Equity
Aurizon Mines Ltd 668,083,000YesARZ CN Equity
Aurora Oil & Gas Ltd * 1,087,293,000NoAEF CN Equity
Avalon Rare Metals Inc 255,173,000YesAVL CN Equity
Avion Gold Corp 551,409,000NoAVR CN Equity
Avnel Gold Mining Ltd 57,076,000NoAVK CN Equity
Azumah Resources Ltd * 94,261,000NoAZR CN Equity
B2gold Corp 915,778,000NoBTO CN Equity
Badger Daylighting Ltd 187,196,000NoBAD CN Equity
Baja Mining Corp 241,322,000NoBAJ CN Equity
Bankers Petroleum Ltd 897,529,000NoBNK CN Equity
Bannerman Resources Ltd * 55,616,000NoBAN CN Equity
Banro Corporation 711,358,000YesBAA CN Equity
Barrick Gold Corp 37,793,391,000YesABX CN Equity
Baytex Energy Corp 5,123,695,000YesBTE CN Equity
Bellatrix Exploration Ltd 368,508,000NoBXE CN Equity
Bengal Energy Ltd 33,843,000NoBNG CN Equity
Birchcliff Energy Ltd 1,170,430,000NoBIR CN Equity
Black Iron Inc 69,384,000NoBKI CN Equity
Blackpearl Resources Inc 1,133,358,000NoPXX CN Equity
Bnk Petroleum Inc 210,801,000NoBKX CN Equity
Boliden Ab * 3,615,005,000NoBLS CN Equity
Bonavista Energy Corp 2,950,711,000NoBNP CN Equity
Bonnett's Energy Corp 38,062,000NoBT CN Equity
Bonterra Energy Corp 788,398,000NoBNE CN Equity
Bp Plc-spons Adr * 107,751,530,000YesBP/U CN Equity
Bridgeport Ventures Inc 23,855,000NoBPV CN Equity
Brigus Gold Corp 200,991,000YesBRD CN Equity
Bucking Horse Energy Inc 45,722,000NoBUC CN Equity
C&c Energia Ltd 431,906,000NoCZE CN Equity
Caledonia Mining Corp 46,441,000NoCAL CN Equity
Calfrac Well Services Ltd 904,664,000NoCFW CN Equity
Calmena Energy Services Inc 57,012,000NoCEZ CN Equity
Calvalley Petroleum Inc - A 125,005,000NoCVI/A CN Equity
Calvista Gold Corp 23,346,000NoCVZ CN Equity
Cameco Corp 6,607,232,000YesCCO CN Equity
Canacol Energy Ltd 425,848,000NoCNE CN Equity
Canada Lithium Corp 107,472,000NoCLQ CN Equity
Canadian Energy Services & T 464,149,000NoCEU CN Equity
Canadian Natural Resources 31,907,592,000YesCNQ CN Equity
Canadian Oil Sands Ltd 9,012,842,000NoCOS CN Equity
Canadian Zinc Corp 74,579,000NoCZN CN Equity
Canalaska Uranium Ltd 7,516,000NoCVV CN Equity
Canam Group Inc-a 136,482,000NoCAM CN Equity
Canarc Resource Corp 6,893,000NoCCM CN Equity
Candax Energy Inc 52,796,000NoCAX CN Equity
Candente Copper Corp 98,936,000NoDNT CN Equity
Candente Gold Corp 14,433,000NoCDG CN Equity
Canelson Drilling Inc 226,998,000NoCDI CN Equity
Canickel Mining Ltd 34,812,000NoCML CN Equity
Canyon Services Group Inc 560,449,000NoFRC CN Equity
Capstone Mining Corp 901,178,000NoCS CN Equity
Cardero Resource Corp 80,986,000YesCDU CN Equity
Carlisle Goldfields Ltd 20,506,000NoCGJ CN Equity
Carpathian Gold Inc 199,382,000NoCPN CN Equity
Caspian Energy Inc 39,280,000NoCEK CN Equity
Cathedral Energy Services Lt 204,528,000NoCET CN Equity
Caza Oil & Gas Inc 17,803,000NoCAZ CN Equity
Ce Franklin Ltd 114,938,000YesCFT CN Equity
Celtic Exploration Ltd 1,551,112,000NoCLT CN Equity
Cenovus Energy Inc 20,198,396,000YesCVE CN Equity
Centamin Plc * 1,264,385,000NoCEE CN Equity
Centerra Gold Inc 3,401,492,000NoCG CN Equity
Century Iron Mines Corp 132,007,000NoFER CN Equity
Cequence Energy Ltd 244,025,000NoCQE CN Equity
Cerro Grande Mining Corp 43,553,000NoCEG CN Equity
Cga Mining Ltd * 562,733,000NoCGA CN Equity
Chalice Gold Mines Ltd * 54,014,000NoCXN CN Equity
Champion Minerals Inc 104,811,000NoCHM CN Equity
Chieftain Metals Inc 44,129,000NoCFB CN Equity
China Gold International Res 946,464,000NoCGG CN Equity
Chinook Energy Inc 241,779,000NoCKE CN Equity
Cic Energy Corp 35,482,000NoELC CN Equity
Claude Resources Inc 188,120,000YesCRJ CN Equity
Cline Mining Corp 309,701,000NoCMK CN Equity
Cluff Gold Plc * 140,553,000NoCFG CN Equity
Coalspur Mines Ltd * 829,469,000NoCPT CN Equity
Coastal Energy Co 1,397,240,000NoCEN CN Equity
Cobriza Metals Corp 3,616,000NoCZA CN Equity
Coeur D'alene Mines Corp * 1,948,032,000YesCDM CN Equity
Colossus Minerals Inc 506,768,000NoCSI CN Equity
Compton Petroleum Corp 88,510,000NoCMT CN Equity
Condor Petroleum Inc 147,184,000NoCPI CN Equity
Connacher Oil & Gas Ltd 374,304,000NoCLL CN Equity
Continental Gold Ltd 721,600,000NoCNL CN Equity
Contl Precious Minerals 14,404,000NoCZQ CN Equity
Copper Mountain Mining Corp 460,302,000NoCUM CN Equity
Coro Mining Corp 34,209,000NoCOP CN Equity
Corona Gold Corp 8,882,000NoCRG CN Equity
Corridor Resources Inc 65,661,000NoCDH CN Equity
Corvus Gold Inc 19,648,000NoKOR CN Equity
Crescent Point Energy Corp 9,981,242,000NoCPG CN Equity
Crew Energy Inc 1,106,539,000NoCR CN Equity
Crocodile Gold Corp 127,111,000NoCRK CN Equity
Crocotta Energy Inc 249,969,000NoCTA CN Equity
Crosshair Energy Corp * 18,852,000YesCXX CN Equity
Curis Resources Ltd 40,487,000NoCUV CN Equity
Dalradian Resources Inc 103,571,000NoDNA CN Equity
Deethree Exploration Ltd 124,997,000NoDTX CN Equity
Dejour Energy Inc 39,905,000YesDEJ CN Equity
Delphi Energy Corp 183,240,000NoDEE CN Equity
Delrand Resources Ltd 13,835,000NoDRN CN Equity
Denison Mines Corp 526,408,000YesDML CN Equity
Detour Gold Corp 2,192,819,000NoDGC CN Equity
Diamond Fields Intl Ltd 6,998,000NoDFI CN Equity
Duluth Metals Ltd 217,001,000NoDM CN Equity
Duluth Metals Ltd * ---NoDM/U CN Equity
Dundee Energy Ltd 75,768,000NoDEN CN Equity
Dundee Precious Metals Inc 881,140,000NoDPM CN Equity
Dynacor Gold Mines Inc 21,787,000NoDNG CN Equity
Dynasty Metals & Mining Inc 66,644,000NoDMM CN Equity
Eastern Platinum Ltd 424,843,000NoELR CN Equity
Eastmain Resources Inc 82,239,000NoER CN Equity
Eco Oro Minerals Corp 101,591,000NoEOM CN Equity
Ecopetrol Sa-sponsored Adr * 77,719,290,000YesECP CN Equity
Eldorado Gold Corp 6,154,699,000YesELD CN Equity
Elemental Minerals Ltd * 223,122,000NoELM CN Equity
Emc Metals Corp 16,892,000NoEMC CN Equity
Emed Mining Public Ltd * 78,383,000NoEMD CN Equity
Enbridge Inc 21,805,222,000YesENB CN Equity
Enbridge Income Fund Holding 895,358,000NoENF CN Equity
Encana Corp 9,922,019,000YesECA CN Equity
Endeavour Mining Corp 474,852,000NoEDV CN Equity
Endeavour Silver Corp 704,847,000YesEDR CN Equity
Enerflex Ltd 760,203,000NoEFX CN Equity
Energizer Resources Inc 21,390,000NoEGZ CN Equity
Energy Fuels Inc 32,117,000NoEFR CN Equity
Enerplus Corp 3,421,981,000YesERF CN Equity
Ensign Energy Services Inc 1,906,557,000NoESI CN Equity
Enterprise Oilfield Group 5,928,000NoE CN Equity
Entree Gold Inc 125,702,000YesETG CN Equity
Epsilon Energy Ltd 125,771,000NoEPS CN Equity
Equal Energy Ltd 121,266,000YesEQU CN Equity
Erdene Resource Development 27,406,000NoERD CN Equity
European Goldfields Ltd 1,733,536,000NoEGU CN Equity
Evolving Gold Corp 42,992,000NoEVG CN Equity
Evolving Gold Corp-units * ---No3037467Z CN Equity
Exall Energy Corp 106,880,000NoEE CN Equity
Excellon Resources Inc 128,996,000NoEXN CN Equity
Exeter Resource Corp 209,978,000YesXRC CN Equity
Extorre Gold Mines Ltd 598,206,000YesXG CN Equity
Extract Resources Ltd * 1,748,537,000NoEXT CN Equity
Fairborne Energy Ltd 213,369,000NoFEL CN Equity
First Majestic Silver Corp 1,474,289,000YesFR CN Equity
First Nickel Inc 43,219,000NoFNI CN Equity
First Quantum Minerals Ltd 8,742,457,000NoFM CN Equity
First Uranium Corp 46,899,000NoFIU CN Equity
Flint Energy Services Ltd 502,610,000NoFES CN Equity
Foraco International Sa 225,181,000NoFAR CN Equity
Forbes & Manhattan Coal Corp 47,444,000NoFMC CN Equity
Forbes Energy Services Ltd * 93,862,000YesFRB CN Equity
Formation Metals Inc 40,701,000NoFCO CN Equity
Forsys Metals Corp 54,677,000NoFSY CN Equity
Fortuna Silver Mines Inc 565,454,000YesFVI CN Equity
Fortune Minerals Ltd 88,531,000NoFT CN Equity
Freegold Ventures Ltd 29,242,000NoFVL CN Equity
Freehold Royalties Ltd 959,689,000NoFRU CN Equity
Frontier Rare Earths Ltd 64,399,000NoFRO CN Equity
Gabriel Resources Ltd 1,878,415,000NoGBU CN Equity
Gasfrac Energy Services Inc 362,605,000NoGFS CN Equity
General Moly Inc * 247,886,000YesGMO CN Equity
Geodrill Ltd 72,250,000NoGEO CN Equity
Geologix Explorations Inc 25,197,000NoGIX CN Equity
Geovic Mining Corp 13,963,000NoGMC CN Equity
Gibson Energy Inc 1,486,460,000NoGEI CN Equity
Global Alumina Corp-$ 64,736,000NoGLA/U CN Equity
Globex Mining Enterprises 24,248,000NoGMX CN Equity
Gold Reserve Inc 127,174,000YesGRZ CN Equity
Gold-ore Resources Ltd 49,522,000NoGOZ CN Equity
Goldcorp Inc 29,221,048,000YesG CN Equity
Golden Minerals Co * 257,993,000YesAUM CN Equity
Golden Predator Corp 63,679,000NoGPD CN Equity
Golden Queen Mining Co Ltd 214,079,000NoGQM CN Equity
Golden Star Resources Ltd 343,929,000YesGSC CN Equity
Goldgroup Mining Inc 121,225,000NoGGA CN Equity
Gran Colombia Gold Corp 132,984,000NoGCM CN Equity
Gran Tierra Energy Inc * 1,091,943,000YesGTE CN Equity
Gran Tierra Exchangeco Inc 31,953,000NoGTX CN Equity
Grande Cache Coal Corp 754,814,000NoGCE CN Equity
Grandview Gold Inc 1,883,000NoGVX CN Equity
Great Basin Gold Ltd 389,764,000YesGBG CN Equity
Great Panther Silver Ltd 245,413,000YesGPR CN Equity
Gryphon Gold Corp 37,483,000NoGGN CN Equity
Guide Exploration Ltd-cl A 188,617,000NoGO CN Equity
Guyana Goldfields Inc 468,123,000NoGUY CN Equity
Hanwei Energy Services Corp 6,116,000NoHE CN Equity
Hard Creek Nickel Corp 10,463,000NoHNC CN Equity
Harry Winston Diamond Corp 698,603,000YesHW CN Equity
Harte Gold Corp 31,341,000NoHRT CN Equity
Heritage Oil Corp-exch Shrs * ---NoHOC CN Equity
High Arctic Energy Services 45,270,000NoHWO CN Equity
High River Gold Mines Ltd 799,690,000NoHRG CN Equity
Horizon North Logistics Inc 410,556,000NoHNL CN Equity
Horizonte Minerals Plc * 56,346,000NoHZM CN Equity
Hse Integrated Ltd 23,945,000NoHSL CN Equity
Hudbay Minerals Inc 1,429,060,000YesHBM CN Equity
Husky Energy Inc 17,656,922,000NoHSE CN Equity
Hyduke Energy Services Inc 8,593,000NoHYD CN Equity
Iamgold Corp 4,830,024,000YesIMG CN Equity
Ic Potash Corp 85,306,000NoICP CN Equity
Imperial Metals Corp 742,473,000NoIII CN Equity
Imperial Oil Ltd 30,204,260,000YesIMO CN Equity
Inmet Mining Corporation 3,524,550,000NoIMN CN Equity
Insignia Energy Ltd 53,273,000NoISN CN Equity
Inspiration Mining Corp 6,456,000NoISM CN Equity
Inter Pipeline Fund Lp-a 3,751,858,000NoIPL-U CN Equity
Inter-citic Minerals Inc 107,266,000NoICI CN Equity
International Minerals Corp 512,288,000NoIMZ CN Equity
Intl Tower Hill Mines Ltd 316,338,000YesITH CN Equity
Intrepid Mines Ltd * 506,693,000NoIAU CN Equity
Inv Metals Inc 10,895,000NoINV CN Equity
Ithaca Energy Inc 433,214,000NoIAE CN Equity
Ivanhoe Australia Ltd * 855,586,000NoIVA CN Equity
Ivanhoe Energy Inc 298,005,000YesIE CN Equity
Ivanhoe Mines Ltd 11,084,805,000YesIVN CN Equity
Ivernia Inc 43,208,000NoIVW CN Equity
Jaguar Mining Inc 467,279,000YesJAG CN Equity
Jayden Resources Inc 23,324,000NoJDN CN Equity
Jura Energy Corp 5,094,000NoJEC CN Equity
Karnalyte Resources Inc 166,776,000NoKRN CN Equity
Katanga Mining Ltd 1,725,417,000NoKAT CN Equity
Keegan Resources Inc 227,700,000YesKGN CN Equity
Keyera Corp 2,647,594,000NoKEY CN Equity
Khan Resources Inc 8,010,000NoKRI CN Equity
Kimber Resources Inc 75,845,000YesKBR CN Equity
Kinross Gold Corp 9,349,039,000YesK CN Equity
Kirkland Lake Gold Inc 920,965,000NoKGI CN Equity
Klondex Mines Ltd 79,008,000NoKDX CN Equity
La Mancha Resources Inc 313,373,000NoLMA CN Equity
Labrador Iron Mines Holdings 208,192,000NoLIM CN Equity
Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Co 1,820,953,000NoLIF-U CN Equity
Lachlan Star Ltd * 56,525,000NoLSA CN Equity
Lake Shore Gold Corp 442,427,000YesLSG CN Equity
Laramide Resources 48,268,000NoLAM CN Equity
Legacy Oil + Gas Inc 1,299,221,000NoLEG CN Equity
Lexam Vg Gold Inc 64,522,000NoLEX CN Equity
Liberty Mines Inc 20,753,000NoLBE CN Equity
Linear Metals Corp 10,628,000NoLRM CN Equity
Lipari Energy Inc 13,670,000NoLIP CN Equity
Lithium Americas Corp 78,805,000NoLAC CN Equity
Logan International Inc 118,668,000NoLII CN Equity
Lone Pine Resources Inc * 430,013,000YesLPR CN Equity
Longview Oil Corp 369,048,000NoLNV CN Equity
Lucara Diamond Corp 230,309,000NoLUC CN Equity
Lundin Mining Corp 2,161,672,000NoLUN CN Equity
Lundin Petroleum Ab * 5,648,129,000NoLUP CN Equity
Lupaka Gold Corp 30,206,000NoLPK CN Equity
Lydian International Ltd 178,774,000NoLYD CN Equity
Macarthur Minerals Ltd 33,268,000NoMMS CN Equity
Mag Silver Corp 305,152,000YesMAG CN Equity
Magindustries Corp 62,263,000NoMAA CN Equity
Magma Metals Ltd * 18,092,000NoMMW CN Equity
Major Drilling Group Intl 1,020,707,000NoMDI CN Equity
Malaga Inc 15,621,000NoMLG CN Equity
Mandalay Resources Corp 125,262,000NoMND CN Equity
Marathon Gold Corp 23,789,000NoMOZ CN Equity
Marengo Mining Ltd * 171,604,000NoMRN CN Equity
Mariana Resources Ltd * 19,532,000NoMRY CN Equity
Mawson Resources Ltd 65,518,000NoMAW CN Equity
Mawson West Ltd 132,954,000NoMWE CN Equity
Mccoy Corp 66,612,000NoMCB CN Equity
Mdn Inc 18,092,000NoMDN CN Equity
Meadow Bay Gold Corp 31,293,000NoMAY CN Equity
Mediterranean Resources Ltd 14,967,000NoMNR CN Equity
Meg Energy Corp 6,269,318,000NoMEG CN Equity
Mega Uranium Ltd 72,379,000NoMGA CN Equity
Mercator Minerals Ltd 378,158,000NoML CN Equity
Metalore Resources Ltd 5,846,000NoMET CN Equity
Mgm Energy Corp 51,063,000NoMGX CN Equity
Midas Gold Corp 369,416,000NoMAX CN Equity
Midway Energy Ltd 210,347,000NoMEL CN Equity
Minco Gold Corp 33,807,000YesMMM CN Equity
Minco Silver Corp 118,932,000NoMSV CN Equity
Minefinders Corp 756,376,000YesMFL CN Equity
Minemakers Ltd * 53,957,000NoMAK CN Equity
Minera Andes Inc 445,844,000NoMAI CN Equity
Minera Irl Ltd * 97,123,000NoIRL CN Equity
Mineral Deposits Ltd * 347,317,000NoMDM CN Equity
Mines Management Inc * 47,188,000YesMGT CN Equity
Mirabela Nickel Ltd * 519,170,000NoMNB CN Equity
Moly Mines Ltd * 95,699,000NoMOL CN Equity
Moneta Porcupine Mines Inc 22,500,000NoME CN Equity
Mountain Province Diamonds 301,095,000YesMPV CN Equity
Nal Energy Corp 871,430,000NoNAE CN Equity
Namibia Rare Earths Inc 24,070,000NoNRE CN Equity
Nautilus Minerals Inc 326,985,000NoNUS CN Equity
Nemi Northern Energy & Minin 44,721,000NoNNE/A CN Equity
Neo Material Technologies In 718,548,000NoNEM CN Equity
Nevada Copper Corp 308,806,000NoNCU CN Equity
Nevsun Resources Ltd 966,396,000YesNSU CN Equity
New Dawn Mining Corp 34,535,000NoND CN Equity
New Gold Inc 3,813,174,000YesNGD CN Equity
New Millennium Iron Corp 213,966,000NoNML CN Equity
Newmont Mining Corp Of Cd-ex 320,309,000NoNMC CN Equity
Nexen Inc 7,486,232,000YesNXY CN Equity
Ngex Resources Inc 323,748,000NoNGQ CN Equity
Niko Resources Ltd 1,889,884,000NoNKO CN Equity
Nimin Energy Corp 41,035,000NoNNN CN Equity
Niocan Inc 10,596,000NoNIO CN Equity
Noranda Income Fund 172,503,000NoNIF-U CN Equity
North Amer Palladium Ltd 361,364,000YesPDL CN Equity
Northern Dynasty Minerals 489,047,000YesNDM CN Equity
Northland Resources Sa 282,106,000NoNAU CN Equity
Novagold Resources Inc 1,673,635,000YesNG CN Equity
Noventa Ltd * 24,451,000NoNTA CN Equity
Nuinsco Resources Ltd 19,184,000NoNWI CN Equity
Nuvista Energy Ltd 369,312,000NoNVA CN Equity
Oceanagold Corp 483,235,000NoOGC CN Equity
Olympus Pacific Minerals Inc 97,181,000NoOYM CN Equity
Open Range Energy Corp 70,396,000NoONR CN Equity
Oracle Mining Corp 27,949,000NoOMN CN Equity
Orbit Garant Drilling Inc 146,716,000NoOGD CN Equity
Orbite Aluminae Inc 408,502,000NoORT CN Equity
Orezone Gold Corp 157,269,000NoORE CN Equity
Orocobre Ltd * 132,077,000NoORL CN Equity
Oromin Explorations Ltd 120,555,000NoOLE CN Equity
Orsu Metals Corp * 18,835,000NoOSU CN Equity
Orvana Minerals Corp 111,513,000NoORV CN Equity
Osisko Mining Corp 3,448,027,000NoOSK CN Equity
Pace Oil And Gas Ltd 170,619,000NoPCE CN Equity
Pacific North West Capital 11,230,000NoPFN CN Equity
Pacific Rim Mining Corp 18,250,000NoPMU CN Equity
Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp 4,779,443,000NoPRE CN Equity
Paladin Energy Ltd * 1,164,668,000NoPDN CN Equity
Pan American Silver Corp 2,022,259,000YesPAA CN Equity
Parallel Energy Trust-unit 243,268,000NoPLT-U CN Equity
Paramount Gold And Silver * 255,577,000YesPZG CN Equity
Paramount Resources Ltd -a 2,309,788,000NoPOU CN Equity
Parex Resources Inc 650,612,000NoPXT CN Equity
Pason Systems Inc 818,774,000NoPSI CN Equity
Patagonia Gold Plc * 406,785,000NoPAT CN Equity
Pc Gold Inc 19,621,000NoPKL CN Equity
Pengrowth Energy Corp 2,938,772,000YesPGF CN Equity
Penn West Petroleum Ltd 7,816,758,000YesPWT CN Equity
Peregrine Diamonds Ltd 59,662,000NoPGD CN Equity
Perpetual Energy Inc 109,021,000NoPMT CN Equity
Perseus Mining Ltd * 1,112,649,000NoPRU CN Equity
Petaquilla Minerals Ltd 109,613,000NoPTQ CN Equity
Petrobakken Energy Ltd-a 2,057,945,000NoPBN CN Equity
Petrobank Energy & Resources 1,025,706,000NoPBG CN Equity
Petrominerales Ltd 1,442,409,000NoPMG CN Equity
Petrowest Corp-cl A 20,996,000NoPRW CN Equity
Peyto Exploration & Dev Corp 2,129,902,000NoPEY CN Equity
Phx Energy Services Corp 224,834,000NoPHX CN Equity
Pilot Gold Inc 57,103,000NoPLG CN Equity
Platinum Group Metals Ltd 146,913,000YesPTM CN Equity
Polar Star Mining Corp 21,124,000NoPSR CN Equity
Polaris Minerals Corp 16,514,000NoPLS CN Equity
Polymet Mining Corp 174,002,000YesPOM CN Equity
Poseidon Concepts Corp 818,032,000NoPSN CN Equity
Powertech Uranium Corp-a 16,772,000NoPWE CN Equity
Precision Drilling Corp 2,070,439,000YesPD CN Equity
Premier Gold Mines Ltd 503,404,000NoPG CN Equity
Pretium Resources Inc 1,045,634,000NoPVG CN Equity
Primero Mining Corp 220,729,000YesP CN Equity
Progress Energy Resources Co 1,897,329,000NoPRQ CN Equity
Prophecy Coal Corp 66,611,000NoPCY CN Equity
Prosep Inc 26,163,000NoPRP CN Equity
Provident Energy Ltd 2,447,549,000YesPVE CN Equity
Pulse Seismic Inc 92,106,000NoPSD CN Equity
Pure Energy Services Ltd 167,628,000NoPSV CN Equity
Pure Nickel Inc 3,933,000NoNIC CN Equity
Quadra Fnx Mining Ltd 2,253,502,000NoQUX CN Equity
Queenston Mining Inc 332,715,000NoQMI CN Equity
Questerre Energy Corp * 135,547,000NoQEC CN Equity
Rainy River Resources Ltd 517,726,000NoRR CN Equity
Rare Element Resources Ltd 211,382,000YesRES CN Equity
Ratel Group Ltd 22,035,000NoRTG CN Equity
Red Crescent Resources Ltd 18,747,000NoRCB CN Equity
Redhawk Resources Inc 48,197,000NoRDK CN Equity
Redzone Resources Ltd 8,949,000NoREZ CN Equity
Reliance Resources Ltd 25,830,000NoRI CN Equity
Renaissance Gold Inc 24,242,000NoREN CN Equity
Revett Minerals Inc 122,157,000YesRVM CN Equity
Revolution Resources Corp 21,029,000NoRV CN Equity
Richmont Mines Inc 291,911,000YesRIC CN Equity
Rio Novo Gold Inc 48,960,000NoRN CN Equity
Rio Verde Minerals Developme * ---NoRVD CN Equity
Rmp Energy Inc 179,339,000NoRMP CN Equity
Rock Energy Inc 55,778,000NoRE CN Equity
Rockex Mining Corp 14,112,000NoRXM CN Equity
Rockgate Capital Corp 75,772,000NoRGT CN Equity
Rockwell Diamonds Inc 18,163,000NoRDI CN Equity
Romarco Minerals Inc 555,168,000NoR CN Equity
Royal Gold Inc * 3,322,137,000YesRGL CN Equity
Royal Nickel Corp 43,978,000NoRNX CN Equity
Rubicon Minerals Corp 735,428,000YesRMX CN Equity
Russel Metals Inc 1,135,548,000NoRUS CN Equity
Sabina Gold & Silver Corp 496,489,000NoSBB CN Equity
San Gold Corp 444,820,000NoSGR CN Equity
Savanna Energy Services Corp 455,679,000NoSVY CN Equity
Scorpio Mining Corp 301,593,000NoSPM CN Equity
Seabridge Gold Inc 644,284,000YesSEA CN Equity
Second Wave Petroleum Inc 183,252,000NoSCS CN Equity
Secure Energy Services Inc 523,122,000NoSES CN Equity
Semafo Inc 1,530,655,000NoSMF CN Equity
Serabi Gold Plc * 8,404,000NoSBI CN Equity
Serica Energy Plc * 51,168,000NoSQZ CN Equity
Shawcor Ltd-class A 1,558,481,000NoSCL/A CN Equity
Shawcor Ltd-class B * ---NoSCL/B CN Equity
Sherritt International Corp 1,426,701,000NoS CN Equity
Shore Gold Inc 71,232,000NoSGF CN Equity
Shoreline Energy Corp 32,173,000NoSEQ CN Equity
Silver Bear Resources Inc 20,506,000NoSBR CN Equity
Silver Bull Resources Inc * 49,270,000YesSVB CN Equity
Silver Predator Corp 8,138,000NoSPD CN Equity
Silver Standard Resources 946,828,000YesSSO CN Equity
Silver Wheaton Corp 8,636,625,000YesSLW CN Equity
Silvercorp Metals Inc 965,622,000YesSVM CN Equity
Silvermex Resources Inc 80,158,000NoSLX CN Equity
Skope Energy Inc 6,469,000NoSKL CN Equity
Solitario Exploration & Roy * 43,170,000YesSLR CN Equity
Sonde Resources Corp 130,057,000YesSOQ CN Equity
South American Silver Corp 119,354,000NoSAC CN Equity
Southern Pacific Resource Co 409,997,000NoSTP CN Equity
Southgobi Resources Ltd 818,114,000NoSGQ CN Equity
Spartan Oil Corp 181,717,000NoSTO CN Equity
Sprott Resource Corp 350,678,000NoSCP CN Equity
St Andrew Goldfields Ltd 132,305,000NoSAS CN Equity
St Augustine Gold And Copper 67,899,000NoSAU CN Equity
Starcore International Mines 19,225,000NoSAM CN Equity
Starfield Resources Inc 13,894,000NoSRU CN Equity
Stillwater Mining Co * 1,191,281,000YesSWC/U CN Equity
Stonegate Agricom Ltd 95,995,000NoST CN Equity
Stornoway Diamond Corp 101,801,000NoSWY CN Equity
Strad Energy Services Ltd 123,829,000NoSDY CN Equity
Strateco Resources Inc 52,690,000NoRSC CN Equity
Strathmore Minerals Corp 30,597,000NoSTM CN Equity
Sulliden Gold Corp Ltd 281,565,000NoSUE CN Equity
Suncor Energy Inc 40,252,383,000YesSU CN Equity
Sure Energy Inc 66,944,000NoSHR CN Equity
Surge Energy Inc 429,755,000NoSGY CN Equity
Tag Oil Ltd 334,950,000NoTAO CN Equity
Tahoe Resources Inc 2,106,496,000NoTHO CN Equity
Talisman Energy Inc 9,288,760,000YesTLM CN Equity
Talison Lithium Ltd 263,081,000NoTLH CN Equity
Talon Metals Corp 31,576,000NoTLO CN Equity
Tanzanian Royalty Exploratio 214,922,000YesTNX CN Equity
Taseko Mines Ltd 475,730,000YesTKO CN Equity
Teck Resources Ltd-cls A 18,269,942,000YesTCK/A CN Equity
Teck Resources Ltd-cls B * ---YesTCK/B CN Equity
Teranga Gold Corp 410,190,000NoTGZ CN Equity
Terra Energy Corp 37,405,000NoTT CN Equity
Tesla Exploration Ltd 51,065,000NoTXL CN Equity
Tethys Petroleum Ltd 105,289,000NoTPL CN Equity
Thompson Creek Metals Co Inc 1,015,090,000YesTCM CN Equity
Thundermin Resources Inc 7,812,000NoTHR CN Equity
Tiger Resources Ltd * 207,896,000NoTGS CN Equity
Timminco Ltd 23,026,000NoTIM CN Equity
Timmins Gold Corp 253,770,000YesTMM CN Equity
Torex Gold Resources Inc 634,076,000NoTXG CN Equity
Total Energy Services Inc 407,794,000NoTOT CN Equity
Tourmaline Oil Corp 2,722,743,000NoTOU CN Equity
Transatlantic Petroleum Ltd * 342,125,000YesTNP CN Equity
Transcanada Corp 22,895,045,000YesTRP CN Equity
Transglobe Energy Corp 520,045,000YesTGL CN Equity
Treasury Metals Inc 41,746,000NoTML CN Equity
Trevali Mining Corp 121,416,000NoTV CN Equity
Triausmin Ltd * 20,895,000NoTOR CN Equity
Trican Well Service Ltd 1,882,733,000NoTCW CN Equity
Trilogy Energy Corp 2,889,294,000NoTET CN Equity
Trinidad Drilling Ltd 594,304,000NoTDG CN Equity
Troy Resources Ltd * 308,658,000NoTRY CN Equity
Tuscany International Drilli 177,181,000NoTID CN Equity
Tvi Pacific Inc 19,239,000NoTVI CN Equity
Twin Butte Energy Ltd 376,741,000NoTBE CN Equity
U S Gold Corp * 616,341,000YesUXG CN Equity
Uex Corp 166,425,000NoUEX CN Equity
United Silver Corp 16,853,000NoUSC CN Equity
Ur-energy Inc 83,364,000YesURE CN Equity
Uranerz Energy Corp * ---YesURZ CN Equity
Uranium One Inc 1,999,651,000NoUUU CN Equity
Ursa Major Minerals Inc 4,004,000NoUMJ CN Equity
Us Gold Canadian Acquisition 12,024,000NoUXE CN Equity
Us Silver Corp 102,751,000NoUSA CN Equity
Vaaldiam Mining Inc 5,815,000NoVAA CN Equity
Valener Inc 471,201,000NoVNR CN Equity
Valeura Energy Inc 78,576,000NoVLE CN Equity
Velocity Minerals Ltd 2,478,000NoVLC CN Equity
Vena Resources Inc 18,786,000NoVEM CN Equity
Veresen Inc 1,939,308,000NoVSN CN Equity
Veresen Inc - Rct * ---NoVSN/R CN Equity
Vermilion Energy Inc 3,435,815,000NoVET CN Equity
Vero Energy Inc 103,789,000NoVRO CN Equity
Victory Nickel Inc 21,422,000NoNI CN Equity
Virginia Mines Inc 220,281,000NoVGQ CN Equity
Vista Gold Corp 184,096,000YesVGZ CN Equity
Volta Resources Inc 118,626,000NoVTR CN Equity
Waldron Energy Corp 26,545,000NoWDN CN Equity
Wallbridge Mining Co Ltd 18,761,000NoWM CN Equity
Walter Energy Inc * 3,301,711,000YesWLT CN Equity
Wenzel Downhole Tools Ltd 54,280,000NoWZL CN Equity
Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd 123,744,000NoWDO CN Equity
Western Areas Nl * 786,823,000NoWSA CN Equity
Western Copper And Gold Corp * 127,274,000YesWRN CN Equity
Western Energy Services Corp 399,608,000NoWRG CN Equity
Western Lithium Usa Corp 24,920,000NoWLC CN Equity
Western Potash Corp 155,422,000NoWPX CN Equity
Westfire Energy Ltd 266,111,000NoWFE CN Equity
Wgi Heavy Minerals Inc 7,332,000NoWG CN Equity
White Tiger Gold Ltd 264,330,000NoWTG CN Equity
Whitecap Resources Inc 491,580,000NoWCP CN Equity
Wildcat Silver Corp 155,854,000NoWS CN Equity
Winstar Resources Ltd 113,344,000NoWIX CN Equity
Witwatersrand Con Gold Res * 144,743,000NoWGR CN Equity
Xinergy Ltd 106,076,000NoXRG CN Equity
Xtra-gold Resources Corp 47,542,000NoXTG CN Equity
Xtra-gold Resources-reg S * ---NoXTG/S CN Equity
Xtreme Coil Drilling Corp 192,774,000NoXDC CN Equity
Yamana Gold Inc 9,160,897,000YesYRI CN Equity
Yorbeau Resources Inc-cl A 26,170,000NoYRB/A CN Equity
Yukon-nevada Gold Corp 179,885,000NoYNG CN Equity
Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd 341,481,000NoZAR CN Equity
Zazu Metals Corp 38,912,000NoZAZ CN Equity
Zcl Composites Inc 66,806,000NoZCL CN Equity
Zincore Metals Inc 35,570,000NoZNC CN Equity

* Items displaying with no value reflect companies for which current exchange is not the primary exchange where selected stock is listed.

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